The return of RickBot, and more!

Published by R C N - 1 year, 3 months ago

Hello everyone,

so to start things off, Rickbot has returned, now maintained by R C N#0001, new team and members of the old team We'd like to thank everyone for their support even before we officially re-released the bot and to let you know some things about its return and functionality.

so first of all, we are restoring all the old features and we will try to restore as much of the old user data as we can, as of the moment the bot isn't fully operational but the features that are available were tested and we can assure you that they are working (however, if you do find bugs, make sure you report them), in addition to that the (quite popular) soundboard has returned and you can see more about it here.

Secondly, we are aware the web dashboard and minor parts of the website aren't functional at the moment, we are, as a team are working hard to make it available for you.

We'd like to mention a known bug here, in the process of bringing back Rickbot we've noticed that if you have Adblock enabled you might experience errors with our web music player, so if you do, please disable it before contacting us regarding this specific issue.

Lastly, if you'd like to financially support us feel free to subscribe to one of our plans on Patreon, you can see more here (all plans and rewards are there). If you are unable or unwilling to support us we'll appreciate it if you shared this link with one of your friends who might be able to subscribe!